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Welcome to Clarity Support
(The Schematic Functional Programming Centre)

Clarity Support provides a source of contact for those working with the schematic functional programming environment ClarityPro. ClarityPro is used to create programs through drawing rather than by typing text. The approach is particularly helpful for designers that think and design using diagrams. The book Drawing Programs by Tom and Jan Addis describes in detail ClarityPro. The book also provides a theoretical framework and many practical examples for software design. All the software needed to go with the book is free including the source code. Help with the software can be provided from the community (and the authors) through the forum. You will need to login or register (top left of forum). To interact with the community you go to the General Category heading and click on (say) General Discussion. This will lead you to a page where you can chose a sub-topic or start a new one. A message text box will become available for your comments or questions.

British Computer Society Review of Drawing Programs = 8/10
The David Gooding Memorial Meeting September 2010

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The Schematic Functional Programming approach will allow a designer to create software that:

  • is quicker to produce
  • will have significantly less errors
  • is easier to maintain
  • will last longer
  • is more reliable

All these objectives result in a dramatic reduction of the overall cost of software during its development and maintenance. The approach is a realistic and commercially viable alternative to current day practices in software engineering. To achieve this high standard, several tools have been developed over the past 25 years, in particular the ClarityPro software development environment and programming tools. ClarityLite is a reduced version of ClarityPro that focuses on the functional aspect of programming and it is used for training. ClarityEye is used to run programs outside the development environment.

The success of our methods and tools have proven themselves since before Clarity Support Ltd was set up in the year 2000. The company ceased trading as a commercial enterprise in 2009 but the team continues to support the ClarityPro group of software for all its users.



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