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on: July 14, 2012, 07:21:00 AM 1 General Category / General Discussion / UNIX Port of Clarity?

Will there ever be a UNIX port of the Clarity Environment?

Can the source be compiled on UNIX, or does it contain too many Windows dependencies?

Thanks for your time.  :)

on: October 13, 2010, 02:00:14 AM 2 General Category / General Discussion / Belief System

Hi Tom,
On the Clarity site there is a program for download called "Belief System".
From the accompanying text, I can envisage that it is a Simulation of the Actor Model.
Is this along the lines of Prolog, (i.e. Predicate Calculus) or is it something different?


on: October 12, 2010, 06:32:03 AM 3 General Category / General Discussion / Re: The Forum - A break through?

Hi Tom,

I'm just new here so, I thought I would drop in and speak :)
My programming background before was in Assembler, C, Scheme, and recently, D.
I have been working through the book "Drawing Programs" and find it most exciting!
Having done functional programming before (Scheme) I can pick up the ideas very quickly.
All in all, you have done a great job with designing this concept of 'Schematic Programming' and bringing it into realisation with Clarity and Faith. (Pun Intended)  ;)

A few questions:

1) Working through the book, you keep stating that Clarity Lite doesn't use this or that programming functionality , only Clarity Pro does. Does the book (In the parts I haven't read yet) go into the Clarity Pro Environment?

2) We would all like our program to do brilliant things: i.e. open files, manipulate pixels, etc. Does Clarity Pro come with it's own GUI or can I use an Aftermarket one like QT?

Thanks for a great programming environment, in which I can finally put my ideas into code "Easily", and also a great book!
You will be hearing more from me in the future as more questions crop up.

Thanks again.
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